Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gone too Far...Maybe?

I played in my craft room last night and learned a few lessons.  I had read that you could make your own alcohol sprays by mixing Kool-Aid with rubbing alcohol so I thought why not.  Off to the store I went.  Kool-Aid was only .20 per pack and the rubbing alcohol and spray bottle were $1 each.  Yay!  So far, so good.  Once I got home mixed the concoction together and tried it out.  Well, it smelled okay but...kind of clogged the sprayer.  No worries, I wanted to do a drip technique anyway.  Did that but noticed that the alcohol and Kool-Aid gums together and forms clumps.  Yuck!  I may try a few other homemade recipes but this one is out of here!   LOL!

Thank goodness I had other store bought sprays so I could finish my layout.  Once I had the background sprayed and textured with modeling paste and a stencil, I decided to practice a face.  I like her although I don't know now if I went too far by adding more black to her irises.  The first image is before and the last is after.  Which do you like best?

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