Friday, April 17, 2015

The Eyes Have It!

I finally finished my ATC swap about eyes!  Some of the people I am trading with drew their eyes or painted them.  I am not quite comfortable enough with my drawing and painting skills to do that.  I decided to use a transfer method to transfer a laser printable I acquired from the web.  There is such a plethora of free stuff out there.  I really appreciate that people are so giving. 

I did have fun doing these girls.  One of them contains microbeads on some sticky strip.  She is so cool!  The other girl started off with some papers that I printed from my Gelli Plate.  She kind of looks like an exotic dancer.  Which is your favorite?

Thanks for looking and I wish you a creative weekend!

~ Brenda

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Little Art Therapy

I work with computers all day and some days are stressful.  When I get home I like to find a little time to sneak in some art.  It doesn't always happen but when it does I find all my worries and stresses float away.  This is what I did last night.  I used a stamp for the girl and paper piece her dress with a paper I had previously painted with my Gelli plate.  I used sprays, stencils and paints on my background and on the girls body.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Water Under the Bridge

Art can have a very healing and freeing effect on you.  The documented life projects' prompt last week was "Water Under the Bridge."  The art challenge was to use watercolor.  I decided to create a wave (my first) and a dock.  We sail in the summer and with the weather heating up (finally!!) I thought of our boat slip.  The wave or dock are not perfect but I kind of like my sun on the water.  It was fun to do and that is what matters. 

As I was painting I started to think of the journal prompt.  "Water Under the Bridge" is a good way to look at a lot of things in life.  We can use that metaphor to forgive others.  We can also use it to let go of negativity in our lives.  We could use it to stop the critical self talk we do to ourselves when we feel we don't measure up. 

What does it mean to you?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sassy Girl

I am naming this one "Sassy Girl" because my daughter told me that is what she looks like.  I had so much fun doing her.  I am striving to get better at faces, especially eyes.  Books have helped tremendously, especially "Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces" by Jane Davenport.  I thumbed through it a bit but so far looks amazing.  I plan to work through it some more.  Can't hurt for sure.  Thanks for looking. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ride the Energy

I love this quote!  This is a page I made for the Documented Life Project over the weekend.  Guess what?  I finally got my hands on deli paper and I LOVE IT!!!  I used it with my Gelli Plate and then let it dry.  Then I tore into pieces and attached to my layout for the border with matte medium.  I love the texture of it.  I also used it to write out the quote. 

Thanks for looking and have an awesome day!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gone too Far...Maybe?

I played in my craft room last night and learned a few lessons.  I had read that you could make your own alcohol sprays by mixing Kool-Aid with rubbing alcohol so I thought why not.  Off to the store I went.  Kool-Aid was only .20 per pack and the rubbing alcohol and spray bottle were $1 each.  Yay!  So far, so good.  Once I got home mixed the concoction together and tried it out.  Well, it smelled okay but...kind of clogged the sprayer.  No worries, I wanted to do a drip technique anyway.  Did that but noticed that the alcohol and Kool-Aid gums together and forms clumps.  Yuck!  I may try a few other homemade recipes but this one is out of here!   LOL!

Thank goodness I had other store bought sprays so I could finish my layout.  Once I had the background sprayed and textured with modeling paste and a stencil, I decided to practice a face.  I like her although I don't know now if I went too far by adding more black to her irises.  The first image is before and the last is after.  Which do you like best?